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On January 6, 2024, the Paris Dojo will host the Final Four of the 2e edition of the Judo Pro League. This year's final four will bring together Judo Nice Métropole and AM Asnières Judo 92, already present at this same stage of the competition last year, and teams from SGS Judo and ES Blanc-Mesnil Judo. Until January 6, find out how each of the 4 semi-finalists reached the last four. Today, 3e episode with ES Blanc-Mesnil Judo in detail!


Having missed out on the Final Four last year, Jean-Pierre Gibert and Mathias Boucher's team have set their sights on a place in the last four this year, with the ambition of lifting the trophy. However, in Pool C alongside Montpellier and Nice, ES Blanc-Mesnil got off to a sluggish start with a 3-2 opening defeat to rivals Nice in a close encounter that proved disappointing at times. Despite this initial defeat, buoyed by the presence of French team members Orlando Cazorla and Cédric Revol, ESBM bounced back with a 6-2 win over Montpellier Judo Olympic in front of their home crowd.

France Judo/T.Albisetti


The return match against Montpellier was a near carbon copy of the first leg: Aurelien Diesse's team-mates quickly took the lead to 4-0, before controlling Montpellier's reaction despite a few scares to eventually win 6-3. The 6e day offers a final for the 1e place in Poule C. Nice, winners of Montpellier on the previous day, arrive in Seine-Saint-Denis in a strong position with a 3-point lead in the standings, but Blanc-Mesnil is out to avenge its initial defeat. Carried by Alexandre Rubiano (-75kg), Mathilde Briant (-63kg) and Friederike Stolze (-70kg), authors of the 6 ippon which gave their team a vital offensive bonus point, the Blanc-Mesnilois pulled off a double coup by winning 5-2 to score 4 points and take first place in the group from their opponents!

France Judo/T.Albisetti

In the quarter-finals, ES Blanc-Mesnil welcome a surprising Auxerre Judo team, newcomers to the Judo Pro League 2023. The Burgundians, coached by Franck Party and Pénélope Bonna, are determined and will give the ESBM judokas a real scare. With the score tied at 2-2 at half-time, Auxerre pulled out all the stops and Daniyl Zoubko and Joris Agbegnenou, Blanc-Mesnil's two strong men, were trapped and caught flat-footed! Auxerre leads 4-3 at the end of the 8the But Sarra Mzoughi (+78) and Marius Fizel (+95kg) got the Seine-Saint-Denis judokas out of a very bad situation. ES Blanc-Mesnil have now qualified for the Final Four, and will meet SGS Judo in a semi-final on January 6.

Marius Fitzel (+95kg) © France Judo/T.Albisetti