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    Quarter-final - Tuesday, December 05, 2023 - Gymnase Auguste Delaune, 93150 Le Blanc Mesnil, France
    ES Blanc Mesnil Judo
    Auxerre Judo



Nassar Elassri

Trainer(s) :

Franck Party & Penelope Bonna

RANKINGPool D - Eastern Conference



Marked Ippon6
Ippon received21
Waza-ari marked17
Waza-ari received23

About Auxerre Judo

The youngest of the 280 members have already been on the move: to the Senate, the National Assembly, the army corps... "We open their minds to republican values of citizenship through discovery meetings", explains General Secretary Aberahmane Elassri. We open their minds to the republican values of citizenship through discovery encounters", explains General Secretary Aberahmane Elassri, who has organized exchanges with senators, deputies and members of the police force. His young people also attended the national day of tribute to the victims of terrorism on March 11. With a guiding principle: "Learn what courage, investment, honor, commitment, participation and involvement are all about", says the manager.

In the capital of the Yonne region, judo is fighting to find its place, with the complicity of AJ Auxerre footballers, who have promoted the martial art in their Abbe-Deschamps stadium. The General Secretary's brother, Nasser Elassri, made the connection in his capacity as former physical trainer at AJA's training center.

With the Judo Pro League, Auxerre intends to "give a chance to a certain number of athletes who are struggling to make ends meet", and "promote the club and the region", adds Aberahmane Elassri, who would like to see the event hosted in Sens or Avallon, not just in Auxerre. "We need the Pro League to ignite the department and the region," he says, to stand a chance of obtaining the creation of an elite departmental pole, "a real structure where kids can do intensive sport and be competitive from a very early age.


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