Sainte-Geneviève Sports Judo

    Final four (Finale) - Saturday, January 06, 2024 -
    Sainte-Geneviève Sports Judo
    Judo Nice Metropole

WORKFORCESainte-Geneviève Sports Judo


Pascal Renault

Trainer(s) :

Celso Martins, Edouard Gingreau & Laurent Bosch

RANKINGPool A - Western Conference



Marked Ippon39
Ippon received19
Waza-ari marked39
Waza-ari received25

PARTNERSSainte-Geneviève Sports Judo

Introducing Sainte-Geneviève Sports Judo

Back in the 80s, before it became the norm, Sainte-Geneviève's directors would take their youngsters to tournaments in Germany or Denmark, earning themselves a nickname in the process: Little House on the Prairie. Pascal Renault, president for thirty years, was Charles Ingalls, the father of the family. "We'd get teased, but we'd beat up a lot of people," laughs the manager, unstoppable when it comes to going back in time.

Today, nothing has changed: the Essonne club is still one of the favourites in the competitions it contests. Boys or girls, young or old, "we've had an exceptional run over the last fifteen years". The list is too long to go into in detail. However, the philosophy behind these successes can be summed up in three words: priority to the teams. "When they shine, we can bring out the best in individuals. That's our leitmotiv", sums up the manager.

The club, which will be sixty years old in 2024, has given itself another mission, one of citizenship. "Before turning them into champions, we want them to be men and women we can be proud of, trained by irremovable coaches, some of whom have been with us for fifteen years". Once SGS, always SGS.


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