Judo Pro League News


On January 6, 2024, the Paris Dojo will host the Final Four of the 2e edition of the Judo Pro League. This year's final four will bring together Judo Nice Métropole and Arts Martiaux Asnières Judo 92, already present at this same stage of the competition last year, and the SGS Judo and ES Blanc-Mesnil Judo teams. Until January 6, find out how each of the 4 semi-finalists reached the last four, starting with SGS Judo!

Present in Poule A with Normandie Judo, Judo des Hauts de France and Orléans Judo Loiret, the historic Sainte Geneviève des Bois club, making its debut in the Judo Pro League, managed its group stages calmly to qualify easily for the quarter-finals. After a serious start to the competition in Orléans, with a 6-3 victory thanks in particular to its leaders Quentin Joubert, Léa Fontaine and Kaila Issoufi, the Genovese franchise had more difficulty at home against Normandie Judo. In a match of breathless suspense, SGS wins final battle when Cédric Olivar brought his team back to 3-3 and ahead thanks to an extra waza-ari scored over the whole match (31 points to 30)!

Cédric Olivar scores a life-saving ippon for SGS, which wins on the wire against Normandie Judo (© Stéphane Bonnet / France Judo).

Laurent Bosch's protégés maintain their momentum then inflicted an 8-2 defeat on Judo des Hauts-de-FranceHowever, the Nordistes came back with better intentions at home the following week, beating a Sainte Geneviève team who had rested their star players. Despite this, SGS wins 3-4 thanks to a decisive point from Antoine Lamour (-95kg), and followed up with a 4e The streak continued a few days later when a another victory over Normandie Judo. In a duel for first place in Pool A, the team-mates of Amadou Meité, scorer of the winning point, were once again held by the team coached by Dimitri Dragin, who led 2-0 before losing 3 of the last 4 bouts to lose 3-2. Defeat to US Orléans Judo Loiret at the end of the elimination rounds was anecdotal, with SGS Judo finishing 1st.er with 17 points and 27 ippons scored.

Aurore Cabanne scored ippon with an arm lock during her match against Judo des Hauts de France (© Philippe Rabouin / France Judo).

In the quarter-finals, SGS makes short work of a team from Dojo Nantais greatly diminished by injuries. Quentin Joubert, crowned French champion a few weeks earlier, can savour his team's easy 8-1 success in front of their fans, who now have a date with the Paris Dojo for the Final Four on January 6th!

Quentin Joubert after his quarter-final win over Ronan Leseigneur (Dojo Nantais) (© Stéphane Bonnet / France Judo)