AM Asnières Judo 92


    Final four (Semi-final) - Saturday, January 06, 2024 -
    AM Asnières Judo 92
    Judo Nice Metropole

WORKFORCEAM Asnières Judo 92


Paul Aspord

Trainer(s) :

Guillaume Etchegaray, Rayan Hamdaoui & Fabrice Ruimy

RANKINGPool B - Western Conference



Marked Ippon29
Ippon received20
Waza-ari marked26
Waza-ari received12

PARTNERSAM Asnières Judo 92

Introducing AM Asnières Judo 92

France's leading club with 1,400 members, the Hauts-de-Seine banner has doubled up for its first participation in the Judo Pro League, creating a second dedicated structure, AM Judo 92. "It's double the work, but we've known for several years that to reach the top level, you need the resources that come from membership fees, subsidies and partners. Now, the Pro League is a way of reaching partners we didn't have access to before," explains Paul Aspord, a long-standing manager and president since 2000.

At Asnières, the heart of our work lies in training, which produces regular results. Most recently, in 2022 and 2023, a cadet and a cadet from Asnières were crowned world team champions. "Blanc-Mesnil and PSG are more attractive, but we've never tried to recruit elsewhere, we try to do everything in-house", explains the head coach. And it works: in the French junior champion team, five out of seven fighters had started out in baby-judo. "Our teachers are very happy," says Paul Aspord. The only downside to these medal winners is that the club's trainers are now coveted. "One or two have received offers. But they're very keen to pass on the torch. Retaining the loyalty of athletes and instructors is essential for a structure that has "put a lot of emphasis on training" and where results are therefore "longer" in coming.



December 21, 2023
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